Fear of needles

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed each session I had. I felt I developed as a person and viewed my lifelong issue with needles in a more positive way. Now that I am studying to become a nurse, it is about time I overcome this phobia once and for all. I feel that I have been able to do that. This was also my first time having hypnotherapy done and was very enjoyable.


Update 1 week later:

Hi Anna,

Just letting you know I gave 3 injections last night on my shift at the hospital!

I’m so happy and proud! Thank you for all your help.


Update 1 month later:

Hi Anna,

I’m going great, been giving heaps of needles which is great and I don’t really get nervous anymore!


Update 1 year later:

Hi Anna,

Wow, time flies! I’m doing great, haven’t had any issues and giving needles is a great feeling for me now.


Cassandra Careri Stress Relief Program September 6, 2017