Weight Loss

This program is not a diet


You can eat whatever you want on this program; there is no dieting because we know that diets don’t work. The reason diets don’t work is because you deprive yourself of the foods you love until the moment you reach your goal weight, or you just simply run out of motivation and willpower, then you give up on your diet and you go back to eating the same way you did before and overindulging on the foods that you deprived yourself of and you put all that weight that you lost, back on, plus more.

What makes my Weight Loss Program unique

I am able to uncover the root cause of the problem using a systematic approach. And once the true problem is discovered, it can be effectively treated. The benefit to you is, the triggers for overeating are removed and you free yourself to live the life you were born to live, more energised, motivated, confident and most importantly, happy.

The key to changing our lifestyle is understanding the basic principle to human behaviour, and that is ‘we do what we feel like doing’. Feelings are emotions. Most people are fully aware that they are emotional eaters, but are unaware of either the cause or most importantly, how to treat it.

I have found that you can’t get effective, long-lasting weight loss if you only treat the behavioural side of the issue (diet and exercise).  So I have combined the highly successful Virtual Gastric Band program with advanced hypnotherapeutic techniques making it even more powerful! It requires a genuinely holistic approach to get permanent results. You have to dive deeper into the problem to uncover what is causing you to be overweight.

About the program


The program is designed to change how you think so that you can adopt a new set of healthier habits. It’s about being satisfied with smaller amounts of food, by listening to your body’s natural signals from your stomach, rather than listening to your head or your eyes.

The program is on average, 6 weekly 90-minute hypnotherapy sessions. But as you would appreciate, everyone is different. And the program is tailored to your specific needs. So depending on the complexity of the issue or what we uncover as we work together, a few additional sessions may be required to complete the program. Ensuring that you get the most out of your initial investment.

As part of the program, you receive:

  • 6 weekly 1 ½ hour sessions
  • A support audio MP3 download, to listen to every day, to reinforce a new way of thinking.
  • Secret Language of Feelings handout which helps you to better understand what is driving the emotional eating behaviour.

Debbie’s experience with my Weight Loss program

Virtual Gastric Band
Weight Loss
January 25, 2019

After trying many diets over many years, some that worked for a short time and some that didn’t, I decided to give hypnosis a try and googled for one in my area. After research and reading positive reviews, I contacted Anna. We had a lengthy chat over the phone and I loved Anna’s approach. Anna was able to dig out the root causes of why weight loss had not been successful in the past and work on those. I signed up to a six week programme and we spent the first four sessions working on those issues. These have significantly helped me improve many aspects of my life, not just weight loss. We then moved on to a virtual gastric band (VGB) session and my life has turned around. I cannot express my gratitude enough. Anna’s approach has changed me so much for the better. Weight loss in my first couple of weeks after the VGB has been outstanding and will continue with very little effort. Everything feels so easy now, no counting calories, points, macros or pre-packaged meals from a weight loss company. Natural and healthy. Anna is very easy to talk to and encouraged me to open up. I was able to completely be myself and not feel judged. She dug deep to find the real me and sometimes the sessions were difficult as they brought up things that I had buried for a long time. The setting is informal, relaxed and calming. I honestly didn’t feel at the beginning that I would be easy to hypnotise….but it worked! I strongly urge anyone to give this a try. Anna does state that there are no guarantees but if you are willing to be honest and open then I’m sure it will work for you too. You will walk away from each session feeling amazing!

And if you need a “star” rating…..unfortunately it doesn’t go up to a trillion stars, so I’ll have to stick with 5.

Average weight loss on this program

People say that the program is easy, and on average people lose 1-2 kg in the first week and then continue to lose ½ to 1kg per week. Everybody is different, so some people will have a phenomenal weight loss in a short period of time and for other people, the weight loss will be slower.

Although I’ve made it sound absolutely fantastic, I have to say, at this point, that I cannot guarantee it, nobody can, even a Doctor can’t. The only person that can guarantee success is you! You have to do the work.

Keep in mind that during your weight loss journey, you will have a support audio MP3, to help you on your weight loss journey. These powerful hypnotic MP3’s are yours to listen to whenever you feel your motivation slipping. Also, I support people in the long term, so I recommend you come back if you have any problems and I encourage people to continue on with their hypnosis sessions once a month after you have finished the program, to help you achieve your weight loss goal.

So if you have read this far, it tells me that you are now ready for a change! You have had enough of struggling, and we all know that being heavy is hard.

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