Weight Loss

Anna-Siljama-Hypnotherapy-Weigh-LossVirtual Gastric Band Hypnosis Program

Weight loss without dieting!

It doesn’t matter if it is 5, 15 or 55kg, this program can work for you!


This program is not a diet
You can eat whatever you want on this program; there is no dieting, because we know that diets don’t work. The reason diets don’t work is because you deprive yourself of the foods you love until the moment you reach your goal weight, or you just simply run out of motivation and willpower, then you give up on your diet and you go back to eating the same way you did before and overindulging on the foods that you deprived yourself from and you put all that weight that you lost, back on, plus more.


What makes my Weight Loss Program unique
I am able to uncover the root cause of the problem using a systematic approach. And once the true problem is discovered, it can be efficiently treated. The benefit to you is, the triggers for over eating are removed and you free yourself to live the life you were born to live, more energised, motivated, confident and most importantly, happy.

The key to changing our lifestyle is understanding the basic principle to human behaviour, and that is ‘we do what we feel like doing’. Feelings are emotions. Most people are fully aware that they are emotional eaters, but are unaware of either the cause or most importantly, how to treat it.

I have found that you can’t get effective, long lasting weight loss if you only treat the behavioural side of the issue (diet and exercise).  So I have combined the highly successful Virtual Gastric Band program with advanced hypnotherapeutic techniques making it even more powerful! It requires a genuine holistic approach to get permanent results. You have to dive deeper into the problem to uncover what is causing you to be overweight.


Virtual-Gastric-Band-HypnotherapyAbout the program
The program is designed to change how you think, so that you can adopt a new set of healthier habits. It’s about being satisfied on smaller amounts of food, by listening to you body’s natural signals from your stomach, rather than listening to your head or your eyes.

As part of the program, you receive:

  • 6 weekly 1 ½ hour sessions
  • A support CD to listen to every day, to reinforce a new way of thinking.
  • The 8 Golden Rules for Success, which explain the 8 simple program guide lines.


Mandy’s experience with the Virtual Gastric Band program
I was a comfort eater and I would binge eat from depression. I first started trying to lose weight with ‘Lite & Easy’, and in 12 months I had only lost 10kg. After I came across the Virtual Gastric Band program on the internet, I then decided to give hypnotherapy a go. The results were amazing. I only wanted to lose 10kg but I have now lost more than my target weight and I went from a size 20 to a size 10. My weight has now stabilized and I have maintained it for a whole year.
The program taught me how to recognize my own body’s signals for hunger and fullness. I now feel so much better for it. I have so much more energy, I just feel great, I can look in the mirror now and feel fantastic. This is the way I’m meant to be. – Mandy


Average weight loss on this program
People say that the program is easy, and on average people lose 1-2 kg in the first week and then continue to lose ½ to 1kg per week. Everybody is different, so some people will have a phenomenal weight loss in a short period of time and for other people, the weight loss will be slower.

Although I’ve made it sound absolutely fantastic, I have to say, at this point, that I cannot guarantee it, nobody can, even a Doctor can’t. The only person that can guarantee success is you! You have to do the work.

Keep in mind that during your weight loss journey, you will have a support CD, which contains 2 tracks to support you on your weight loss journey. The first track reinforces healthy habits, and the second track increases your desire to exercise. These powerful hypnotic MP3’s are yours to listen to whenever you feel your motivation slipping. Also, I support people in the long term, so I recommend you come back if you have any problems and I encourage people to continue on with their hypnosis sessions once a month after you have finished the program, to help you achieve your weight loss goal.


Anna Siljama Certified Virtual Gastric Band PractitionerSo if you have read this far, it tells me that you are now ready for change! You have had enough of struggling, and we all know that being heavy is hard. So call now to book in and experience how easy it is to become slim, fit and healthy!