Hypnosis for Weight Loss Testimonials

Successful weight loss

Dear Anna, thank you for your help. Since visiting you I have been made aware of what has been holding me back from successful weight loss. I understand that I am my biggest roadblock and thanks to Anna I have the tools to go forward. She is a no-nonsense or no “bullshit” girl who calls a spade a “bloody shovel” and has made me realize that the only person holding me back is me! This journey has been a surprising one and has helped me to call myself out when I’m making excuses. And to plan so I don’t fail in achieving my goals.

Cheryl Gates Weight Loss October 1, 2018

I have gained control of my eating habits

Since I did hypnosis with Anna, I have gained control of my eating habits and begun to feel more positive about doing things I need to do to change my lifestyle. Before coming to see her I was overweight, never exercised, drank very little water and felt negative about where I was heading. All of this has changed and I feel like my life is back on track. What I really liked about the hypnosis program was that Anna was always willing to listen to what I had to say and I always walked away feeling positive. Thanks Anna

Leonie Van Winkle Weight Loss September 12, 2018

On my way to a better weight

Before I arrived, I really didn’t have an idea of how hypnotherapy worked.

I actually thought it would be “my saviour” to cure all my over-eating and weight issues!

I realized that it wasn’t the “cure all” I thought it would be and that it was up to me, and the hypnotherapy was there to help me.

Sceptical at first, however, I now am realising the benefits and I'm 4kg lighter – on my way to a better weight, less stress and more “about me”!

It is working!

Thanks, Anna!

* Name withheld Weight Loss August 9, 2018

I have struggled with a weight issue

For many years I have struggled with a weight issue. I realised that I was, in fact, self-sabotaging, but I never knew or understood why?

Hypnotherapy, for me, was an alien concept, partly due to the fact I didn’t understand it. Throughout the process, I have gained so much knowledge about myself and identified so many triggers causing my self-sabotage.

Interestingly, hardly any of the problems were because I loved food and therefore that’s why I had a weight issue.

Anna has been amazing in every way and has facilitated a change in me more deeply than what I ever imagined.

I am regaining my true self!

Thank you.

Sara Meade Weight Loss July 25, 2018

I was using food for comfort

Before I went to Anna, I was using food for comfort and after the first session I was able to stick to 3 healthy meals a day; no snacking or eating and drinking to help me get through a tough day. I have started to lose weight and don’t feel like I am missing out on anything. I feel more relaxed and am better able to handle my stresses; without food.

Liddell Murphy Weight Loss July 20, 2018

Anxious, nail-biting, overeating, stressed hot mess

Dear Anna,
I am so grateful to have seen your listing on Google!! I was an anxious, nail-biting, overeating, stressed hot mess. I knew I needed help. I loved my first session, I loved every session! My nails have grown. More importantly, I feel I have grown. I am seeing things clearer than before and thanks to you, your gentle approach, your realness, and guidance has been a blessing. I have told people about my sessions in great detail, however, the ones closest to me have commented on the shift that’s happened. It’s all positive. My awareness is increasing and I feel empowered, so thank you.


1 month update:

Hi Anna,

I am doing very well thank you!

My nails are stronger than ever and my stress and engagement with dramatic family affairs is minimal so all in all I’m very happy and doing well!

My eating habits are better but not perfect. I do need to listen to your audio on that again!

Thanks for checking in 🙂

Emily Barker Stress Relief Program July 5, 2018

Helped with my eating

I went into hypnosis not expecting much, however, was pleasantly surprised. Working with Anna has helped with not just my eating, but also my outlook on life as a whole. I absolutely recommend this program to anyone with an open mind.

Joel Murphy Weight Loss June 29, 2018

Take back control of my life

Dear Anna, thank you for helping me get to the root/cause of my problems with my weight. I have learnt a lot more about myself. As a result of your help, I am now feeling equipped with the tools to take back control of my life, to leave excuses behind and start living.

Anna is very gentle and comforting but can also be firm but respectful when required. Would recommend to anyone.

Kristy Lillico Weight Loss June 2, 2018

No more diets

I came to Anna needing help for weight loss, as I had tried quite literally everything else. I knew that I had something greater than ‘lack of willpower’ stopping me. What I got was not only help with my emotional eating but a deeper and, surprising at times, understanding of why and how I used food to fill a void. I am now not beholden by constant thoughts of ‘good’ food and ‘bad’ food. I now consciously agree to engage in eating and I feel so much lighter, on more than just a physical level. I know I still have some work to do myself but I cannot thank Anna enough for helping me see my worth and give me freedom from the ‘diet’ mentality.

Anna, at all times made me feel safe and validated, no matter what came out of the session.


Beth Simpson Weight Loss March 16, 2018

Binge eating

Before I went to Anna, I felt completely frustrated and hopeless that I would ever overcome my issues with binge eating.

Anna was so understanding and able to relate to my symptoms and frustrations in a really caring manner.

After my visits, I feel so much more in control of my emotions and myself and am able to see the root cause of my issues that were creating my symptoms for so many years. I feel so much lighter, knowing that I have knowledge and tools to notice when old paths are being followed and pause to take the better path.

Sammii Norton Weight Loss February 23, 2018

Deal with food issues

I came to deal with food issues and fluctuating weight. Lots of issues came up for me to deal with and I feel that I am better able to cope without immediately turning to food. My awareness of habits and my ability to cope with stress is improved and although I am still hoping to improve my weight and food relationship, I feel I am moving in the right direction. Sessions were relaxing and enjoyable and I felt very safe!

* name withheld Weight Loss February 16, 2018

Emotional eating

I loved the whole process! Starting the session with a discussion and discussing objectives really helped. Amazed at the progress in putting things right in my own mind. Now feeling empowered and stronger. Service was personalised. Anna helped get me back on track by dealing with old thoughts and feelings amounting to anxiety and stress as well as emotional eating. The best investment I have ever made and I am so grateful.

Natalie Markham Weight Loss December 8, 2017

Addressing underlying issues

I really liked the approach in addressing underlying issues which were affecting me and inhibiting me from reaching my goals. Great overall experience, caring and effective.


Update 1 month later:

Hi Anna

It's great to hear from you, I've been going well,  I've noticed some real changes. I've got a different attitude of confidence and determination and I think self-belief.

I'm also doing a bit more exercise which I think comes from more self-commitment. With the eating I fluctuate a bit but the thing I have noticed is that I know I'm choosing to eat, so it's more of a decision, which I think is good, it's not so mindless as before so I know I have more control over it. I have lost a few kilos though.

I think I'm happier than before I came to see you.

I hope all is well with you, thank you again for your help and fabulous work - it's very inspiring.

Maxine Jones Stress Relief Program September 22, 2017

Gained control comfort eating

I came in to gain control of my eating, through my journey I learnt deeper about myself and the underlying issues that impact my behaviour. I have become self-reflective and self-aware and gained control of my comfort eating.

Kirsty Molesworth Weight Loss September 15, 2017

Reset my mindset

This experience has been a new challenge/chapter for me and I have found it to be an excellent journey to get on, to reset my mindset and focus on myself and my goals in life. I did not know what to expect but am pleasantly surprised on how it has helped me on my journey. Anna has been great throughout the whole process!!

Ann-Marie Mesiano Weight Loss May 27, 2017

Major transformational change

Anna has an intuitive way of connecting with empathy which is what attracted me to the service.

I have had more than one major transformational change as well as progressing with a number of behavioural changes.

Bianca Baddock Weight Loss March 11, 2017

Change was a-foot

The experience with Anna was welcoming, non-judgemental and calming. Each session was slightly different – with a different focus – but linked with previous sessions for continuity. I loved the ‘red’ from the first session; made me smile and realise that change was a-foot.

Catherine Elfick Weight Loss October 17, 2016

Help with weight loss

I came for weight loss but I got way more help with other issues which will help with weight loss down the track.

Jo-Anne Wilkins Weight Loss October 12, 2016

A positive experience

Different from anything else I’ve experienced. A positive experience, a little confronting but in a good way. Has given me lots to think about and lots of reflection.

Jo Delaney Weight Loss September 2, 2016

The experience has been great

Anna really took the time to understand my issues and addressed them very well. Overall the experience has been great and I would recommend this treatment to anyone

Jacqui Morris Weight Loss July 20, 2016

Deal with my emotions

Excellent experience, Anna is very calming and easy to listen to. I didn’t expect hypnotherapy to be so full on, but it is absolutely what I needed to deal with my emotions.

Candice Purvis Weight Loss June 16, 2016

My experience was a success

The experience was overall enjoyable. I came out of every session feeling refreshed and relaxed. There was a little bit of embarrassment during the sessions involving the confronting of past personalities, but I believe the outcome was worth the slight discomfort. I wouldn’t hesitate in using hypnosis for any issue I have and I believe my experience was a success.

Paul McNulty Weight Loss March 10, 2016

I have lost weight

Hi Anna, wow, what a difference you have made. Feeling great (like a new person). I have lost weight but I have certainly discovered ME! I can’t thank you enough.

Michelle Gawley Weight Loss August 26, 2015

Helpful in focusing my mind

Dear Anna, I have found the hypnosis program for weight loss, to be helpful in focusing my mind on what I eat and when and therefore assisting in some weight loss which was my goal. I have always found hypnosis very helpful but this is the first time I have used it in this manner and as usual it has not let me down.

* name withheld Weight Loss July 20, 2015

I am taking control of my eating issues

Dear Anna, once again I am benefiting from your wonderful work, since I quit smoking so easily with Hypnotherapy, I figured it could help me lose weight. I have learnt to stop eating when I’m full, which has helped with my stomach pains. I feel I am taking control of my eating issues and feel a lot better for it. I am slowly losing weight but that is the least of my worries as I know this is a lifestyle change that will last forever and not just another fad diet. Thank you!

Carolyn Danks Weight Loss July 14, 2015

I stopped eating sugar

Dear Anna, since starting hypnosis to lose weight, I have found that my relationship with food has completely changed. I no longer think constantly about my weight, about what I have eaten and what I’m going to eat. I have started to listen to my body and stopped eating things that don’t agree with me like sugar, with little or no effort. This has been an extremely positive and life changing experience.

* name withheld Weight Loss June 18, 2015



* Disclaimer – some names have been withheld upon request for confidentiality.