Hypnosis for Stress Relief Testimonials

I was suffering from depression

I went to Anna because I was suffering from depression and a touch of anxiety. I’ve had depression for many years and I had tried everything but medication to help get rid of it.

Anna helped me work through what was the cause behind it as I couldn’t identify the reason. Anna was a helpful resource in finding myself and I feel less stressed, worried, and now I feel calmer and more in the moment.

I would recommend her if you are looking for a more natural solution to your problems.

Vanessa Mitchell Stress Relief Program November 22, 2019

I was dealing with depression, anxiety and mood swings

I was so lost before I found Anna. I felt hopeless, tired of life and thought ‘what’s the point?’

I was dealing with depression, anxiety and mood swings.

Anna helped me to understand my feelings and taught me that your supposed to have them and it’s ok.

I’m now feeling happier in myself and I realise it’s up to me and only me to reach my full potential. I’m enjoying life again and looking forward to what comes next.

Marie-Ann Jacobs Stress Relief Program November 20, 2019

I was very sad

I now feel like a new person, more confident, happier, calmer, more focused on things I want to do and how to get there.

Negative comments or feedback do not bother me now but before I would stew on this for days.

Before I was a very sad person trying to be part of a family that did not deserve me. Taking no time for me because I was doing everything for them. I have released all the baggage from my mind and I feel amazing.

Thank you, Anna.

I am so very grateful.

Christeen Jacobs Stress Relief Program November 14, 2019

Stop feeling anxious and fearful being on and around my horse

The hypnosis program enabled me to:

  • Stop feeling anxious and fearful being on and around my horse
  • Removed the fear of snakes
  • Helped me to lose 3 kg over the 6 sessions
  • Feel more confident in pursuing future job roles
  • Helped to clear my foggy brain and improve memory

It basically took all the bad things and replaced them with good things.

You can’t complain about that!

Sue Dixon Stress Relief Program October 31, 2019

Suffering from shyness

I came with an open mind. I was suffering from shyness, mild anxiety, low confidence. I couldn’t quite name my problem or the cause of it. Through my chats with Anna, we were able to discover some surprising emotions and events throughout my life which have altered my subconscious mind. Hypnotherapy has helped me believe in myself, have greater confidence, be more organised, thereby creating a peaceful existence and the ability and confidence to tackle anything the universe sends my way!

Danica Gula Stress Relief Program October 25, 2019

Feeling overwhelmed

Anna helped me unpack complex personal issues so they didn’t feel as overwhelming. Then Anna helped me with good strategies to best cope moving forward. I now feel stronger, more self-assured to navigate the challenges ahead.

Thank you 🙂

Anna, I will be sure to refer you to others that need help or simply a kind ear in difficult times.

Melissa Stress Relief Program October 10, 2019


Anna thank you for helping me with my fears and anxiety over my IBS. Our sessions have opened up dialogues with family and friends so that they also understand what I have been dealing with over many years.

I feel that I can now successfully put in place strategies to help me cope should my problems arise. I’m feeling much more optimistic than previously and the whole process has been enlightening.

Jen Harvey Stress Relief Program October 9, 2019

Helped me grow in a positive and effective way

I have never experienced hypnosis before and I can safely say it has not only helped me greatly but was also a very calming introduction.

I feel I am now more in touch with my feelings, emotions and better in tune with my subconscious. Anna has helped me see beyond the surface, to dive deeper into myself to discover the root of my problems. She has helped me grow in a positive and effective way.

I liked that the program was 6 sessions and that each session was longer than an hour. It makes it a lot more satisfying when you aren’t looking at the clock and have the time to work together on the issue(s) at hand.

Massive thank you to Anna for all her advice, kind words, and guidance! 🙂

Maisie Chadwick Stress Relief Program September 19, 2019

I was always sad and negative

Before starting hypnotherapy with Anna, I was almost ready to fully give up. I had no faith in myself or my future. I was always sad/negative, I didn’t know why. I went to Anna saying I wasn’t sure what was wrong, I wasn’t sure what I was feeling or how to cope. Even though I had repressed emotions without knowing, Anna has made me the strong, courageous, confident person I always wanted to be and see the world more positively. I’m learning to love myself and find my purpose on Earth.

Thank you, Anna.

You saved my life, if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have found the strength within to keep going on my journey in life ♥

Nicole Ciesluk Stress Relief Program July 23, 2019

Living in a LOT of stress, confusion, frustration, and disbelief

I came to see Anna to help me uncover many truths I already knew but honestly wasn’t sure if they were what I needed to know or believe – and turns out they were!

I was living in a LOT of stress, confusion, frustration, and disbelief. A huge waste of time of my past and the strong uncertainty of my future. Anna helped me go deeper into the root causes/feelings of whatever was feeding negatively into me. She absolutely helped me see basically everything from a different or completely new perspective. In all good ways had me question my own questions – and in that new question liked the answer. It’s crazy how a change of perspectives and directions CAN make what didn’t make sense – make PERFECT sense!

If I were to be asked “Do you recommend this/Anna?” I would, without hesitation say, “OMG, YES!!”

She really has helped me change my life simply by helping change my point of view and mindset.

Thank you Anna!

Sian Hoy Stress Relief Program June 1, 2019

Changed my mindset and behaviours

I came to Anna to help deal with my emotions, negative thinking, and behaviours. Not only has she helped me change my mindset and behaviours, I now understand them a lot better. She has a much greater understanding of feelings and thoughts than any other psychologist I have seen. The time I have had speaking with her has changed me for the better in so many ways! The hypnotherapy has helped me most by helping me focus and calm down.

Nikki Anderson Stress Relief Program April 30, 2019

Changed my life for the better

Anna is fantastic! Since I’ve started hypnosis I feel freer and more calm than I ever have.

I understand myself and know my triggers. I’m more positive and happier than I was prior to seeing Anna. I still have some work to do but Anna has changed my life for the better.

Would recommend Anna to anyone!

Jenelle Villiers Stress Relief Program February 13, 2019

Anxiety was taking over my life

I thought anxiety was something I would live with forever. It was taking over my life and stopping me from being myself.

Anna helped guide me in dealing with all these problems and I have never in my life felt so happy, positive and free from my worries and stress. I could not recommend Anna enough and thank her for all she has done for me. I’m so glad I reached out to hypnotherapy.


Update 1 month later:

Hi Anna,

I can't believe it's been a month now! Things are going really well. I recently got back from a trip to Tasmania. It was good to have a break for a few days and venture out of my comfort zone by doing more outdoor activities.

I regularly exercise, meditate, read and spend more quality time with my family. All things I never thought I actually had time for because my mind was always busy worrying about everything else. I am clearly more productive now being less stressed and self-aware.

I have dealt with a few anxious moments since but I was impressed with how in control I was. Nowhere near the level of anxiety I used to experience. I was able to deal with the issues comfortably.

I've read about people who have been experiencing anxiety many years longer than I had and couldn't imagine spending most of my life like that, so again, thank you for everything 🙂

Gage Maher Stress Relief Program December 6, 2018

Helped with my anxieties and overwhelm

Anna has helped me with my anxieties and feeling overwhelmed with my own expectations. Anna has provided me with practical methods to self-manage. She helped me to uncover hidden issues I didn’t realise were the underlying cause. She helped me to understand the root cause of my issues which put me in a better position to have a long-term and lasting solution.

I can’t thank Anna enough for the help and support. She’s made me feel more confident in myself. I would highly recommend her. Anna’s methods work!!

Natasha Noland Stress Relief Program November 30, 2018

Help with my anxiety

I came to see Anna to help with my anxiety and after completing the program I now feel like I can feel a sense of freedom. I am able to control how I feel and understand my feelings more. I would recommend Anna Siljama Hypnotherapy to others who have similar issues.

Charmaine Rusin Stress Relief Program November 19, 2018

Suffering with Anxiety

After suffering with Anxiety for as long as I can remember, and having tried numerous types of things to help, from medication to counselling, I can confidently say Anna has been a tremendous help. She has given me the tools to confidently approach life and start achieving goals I never thought possible. I now know that I have the ability within myself to handle any of life’s situations and I have Anna to thank for that.

Nicole DeGraaf Stress Relief Program November 13, 2018

Too afraid to travel

I came to Anna Siljama Hypnotherapy to help me with my anxieties because I had a trip to Tasmania coming up and I was too afraid to go. However, I knew I would regret it if I didn’t go, so I knew I had to get help. I will have to wait and see how I go on my trip, but whenever I think about it, I don’t feel nervous anymore. Anna also helped me deal with my negative emotions and I now find I have more compassion and understanding towards others. But what surprised me the most is that I don’t have nightmares anymore!


Update 1 month later:

Hey Anna,

I’m emailing you to inform you that I had a wonderful trip to Tasmania and I felt little to nothing on the plane. While on the way there I had no fear what so ever and I did not worry about it as much as I usually would. There was a lot of turbulence initially because of the weather and I admit I felt a little scared thinking it was going to continue throughout the full trip but of course it did not. Everyone was as startled as I was because of this, but it did not bring back my anxiety in any way.

Throughout the holiday I noticed that the hypnotherapy had impacted other areas of my life in which I was surprised of, this included driving up mountains in which I had never felt so comfortable doing. It was actually quite funny as the people around me were feeling ill and I was practically the only one who didn’t care. I had a wonderful time with my friends who made the experience even more wonderful and, on the way home the plane trip was amazing. So much that I didn’t want to get off!

I thank you so much for helping me achieve what I always wanted, a sense of freedom to be able to do what makes me happy. You have given me the hope and joy to allow me to move forward with my life in a positive manner. I cannot express the amount of happiness I have because of this experience. And you will be kept close to my heart for your understanding and kindness.

Christine Rollis Stress Relief Program October 26, 2018

Musical performance anxiety

Before I went to Anna, I had a problem with musical performance anxiety. After completing the 6-week program provided by Anna, my performance anxiety has decreased markedly. I now have a greater understanding of the source of that anxiety and myself. As well as helping me on a subconscious level, Anna has also provided me with valuable ways in which I can go forward and help myself in very practical ways with my anxiety.


Update 1 month later:

Hi Anna,

I feel really positive about my cello lessons after your treatment.  I apply all of the strategies that you gave to me to help deal with those feelings. Once the lesson begins I feel quite (not completely) comfortable and able to learn from and communicate with the teacher. Thank you Anna for treating me and allowing me to access the learning of music and an understanding of myself. I have listened to interviews with neuroscientists whose studies completely support everything that you taught me.

Chris Terrens Stress Relief Program October 25, 2018

In touch with my emotions

Dear Anna,

It has been a pleasure seeing you and as a result, I feel more in touch with my emotions and how to handle them. Thank you very much.

Tracey O'Sullivan Stress Relief Program October 22, 2018

Identify the root cause of an issue

Anna is professional, compassionate and perceptive. She has an amazing ability to identify the root cause of an issue (before you’re even aware of it yourself) and tailors each session to suit your needs as she guides you through the process. No two sessions are the same.

Hypnotherapy is not something I’d normally try but I’m glad I did. The results are real. It is one of the best investments in terms of personal development that I could ever have made.

Thank you Anna for all you’ve done.


Update 1 month later:

Hi Anna,

Thx for the follow-up. Everything seems to be going well.

In general, I feel more resilient and confident. I don't care much about the things I can't control. It's like I'm sitting on the other side of the fence now and can see so much stuff that people are getting wound up about that really doesn't matter.

I can shut down those thoughts that cause me frustration a lot quicker. Now it seems I can bring my thoughts into the cognitive/logical part of my brain (rather than it sitting in the emotional/subconscious)

And now that I've reset the boundaries of acceptable behaviour with my family members, they’re more appreciative of my time and say thank you when they need something done rather than it being an expectation.

BTW. Congrats on the WoM #1 hypnotherapist last month. Well deserved.

Chris Stress Relief Program October 15, 2018

I now feel in control of my life

Anna has helped me to see things much clearer. And I now have a better understanding of myself and how I’ve felt about myself in a negative way. But she made me realise that I was just learning life and needed to go through these emotions to make me feel stronger. I now feel in control of my life once again and feel happy and positive.

Jamie Matthew Stress Relief Program October 11, 2018

Travel Anxiety

Dear Anna,

Thank you for helping me with my general anxiety and travel anxiety.

I feel my general anxiety is much improved as I don’t feel sick in the mornings anymore and I feel as if I have good control of it now as I am able to maintain it all day. And the other night while packing for my holiday I realised that I’m not feeling worried. Time will tell while I’m on holidays how I do but I am feeling confident I will have a great time.



Update 1 month later:

Hi Anna,

I am doing great.  Our Hawaii holiday was stress-free, no feeling sick, I felt like a normal person going on holidays. We had a great time, did everything we wanted, it was all over too quickly though.

Back at work now, still busy but all is good.

Thanks for making my life better.

Best Regards

Linda Graham Stress Relief Program September 28, 2018

Focus more on myself

Dear Anna,

As a result of the hypnotherapy with you, after 6 sessions, you have helped me to focus more of my attention on myself and understand more about how my thoughts are affecting my behaviours. My goal for attending hypnotherapy was to give up smoking, and I’ve eliminated some of the excuses/reasons I had for smoking. I realise now that the problem is much deeper than just a bad habit and maybe need more time to process and implement the things we’ve discussed and worked with. I feel that there is still more that I need help with and I haven’t experienced everything I could with hypnosis so far. I’m still on the journey.  I do very much appreciate the changes that have occurred and the ones that are in the process of happening. Thank you!

Sarah Cole Stress Relief Program August 29, 2018

Deal with my anxiety

Since I did hypnosis with Anna, I have learned various techniques on how to deal with my anxiety. She is such a lovely and understanding person with a kind nature. What I really liked about this hypnosis program is that it has given me a more positive outlook on life and for the future.

Olivia Cardamone Stress Relief Program August 21, 2018

The experience has been eye-opening

Thank you, Anna. I am becoming aware of myself and the things that trigger me. I am more aware of my actions and why I do/did the things I did.

The experience has been eye-opening and I can’t wait to continue on my path.

Ally Narvaez Stress Relief Program July 31, 2018

Anna understood the issues

From the beginning of my treatment, I felt as though Anna understood the issues I was experiencing and I felt very confident in her ability to help me.

Between each session, the changes in myself were subtle but significant so I was seeing consistent results which further added to my confidence in Anna’s treatment.

I feel as though I still have work to do, but definitely feeling as though I have a much clearer direction and the tools I need to continue making progress.

Thank you Anna xxx

Amy Fontana Stress Relief Program July 13, 2018

Anxious, nail-biting, overeating, stressed hot mess

Dear Anna,
I am so grateful to have seen your listing on Google!! I was an anxious, nail-biting, overeating, stressed hot mess. I knew I needed help. I loved my first session, I loved every session! My nails have grown. More importantly, I feel I have grown. I am seeing things clearer than before and thanks to you, your gentle approach, your realness, and guidance has been a blessing. I have told people about my sessions in great detail, however, the ones closest to me have commented on the shift that’s happened. It’s all positive. My awareness is increasing and I feel empowered, so thank you.


1 month update:

Hi Anna,

I am doing very well thank you!

My nails are stronger than ever and my stress and engagement with dramatic family affairs is minimal so all in all I’m very happy and doing well!

My eating habits are better but not perfect. I do need to listen to your audio on that again!

Thanks for checking in 🙂

Emily Barker Stress Relief Program July 5, 2018

A powerful and life-changing experience

At the completion of the 6-week programme with Anna I can now say it has been a powerful and life-changing experience. When I called Anna to enquire about hypnotherapy I was desperate. I was hoping to find something that could get rid of the anxiety and the physical symptoms that associated with it straightaway. I’m glad I didn’t fall into this pop-in-a-pill-and-all-will-be-fine mentality this time. I now understand why Anna says this insight hypnotherapy is not about putting a bandage on me like some of the other hypnosis methods, and that the transformation is real and permanent. 6 weeks of transformation compares to nearly 20 years of struggle to get well, in my view, is the evidence of the effectiveness of the hypnotherapy method Anna uses. If you suffer from anxiety but have no idea why and what causes it (because it is so deep and so unconscious), I would highly recommend you contact Anna and give insight hypnotherapy a go.

Jenny Carter Stress Relief Program June 18, 2018

Overloaded and unclear

Before I started my sessions with Anna, I felt overloaded and unclear with how to move forward. I knew that I had a lot of underlying subconscious issues and that I needed assistance sorting through this and finding some clarity and direction.

Since my time with Anna, I have been able to identify things that weren’t apparent and have been able to move forward in a positive manner.

I can’t wait to see what the future brings.

Thank you so much!!

Eileen Tyrer Stress Relief Program May 18, 2018

Lasting results

Anna, my sessions have definitely helped me understand more about myself and consequently my life is changing slowly for the better. You have been very easy to talk to and very professional with the way you have helped me. This will have lasting results on my life moving forward.

Lou Battista Stress Relief Program May 18, 2018


Since I did hypnosis with Anna, I have been feeling more positive, more confident. I can accept myself and my body as it is. My self-esteem is much better.

I liked the way Anna approaches the problem and she is really good at listening.

Diana Vallejo Stress Relief Program May 12, 2018


I’m finding the sessions really therapeutic. I’ve been learning a lot about myself and about the ways in which I self-sabotage. It’s been great being able to discover why I do this and how to let my guard down and be more relaxed.

* name withheld Stress Relief Program May 12, 2018

My anxiety has disappeared

Before I went to Anna I had bad anxiety. 6 weeks and I feel like a new person. So much happier and calmer. I 100% think if you’re dealing with anxiety, you should come see Anna. I can’t believe how different I felt after a few sessions. Now having my last session, I feel like I’m actually living my life and loving every minute of it.

My anxiety has basically disappeared and I thank Anna so much for that.


Update 1 month later:
Hi Anna,
I’m doing really well thanks!
Just been working & doing what I want on weekends which is great... thank you so much again for changing my life. Time sure does fly by! Haven’t had any issues with my anxiety so I’m super happy about that.

Brooke Hadley Stress Relief Program April 21, 2018

Depression and anxiety

Before attending sessions with Anna, I was in a dark place. Suffering with depression and anxiety. Since working with Anna, I feel that this has shifted and my thoughts are more positive and centered. I now feel ready to tackle the world.

CJ Stress Relief Program April 5, 2018

Extreme anxiety

Before I went to Anna, I was suffering with quite extreme anxiety and through these sessions, I have been able to deal with these anxiety attacks and begin to feel more calm. It helped me deal with the physical and emotional symptoms I was having.

Lauren Dinelli Stress Relief Program March 21, 2018

Recent divorce

Before I saw Anna, I was very lost and confused after my recent divorce. Since I’ve been seeing her, my life has completely changed, not quite the way I wanted, but it has certainly been shaken up. I am clearer about things now, I still have a long way to go, but I’m not confused and I’m treating myself better.

Liss Mendalson Stress Relief Program February 23, 2018

Improved my quality and outlook on life

Anna has certainly helped me gain a new perspective of my anxiety, assisting me to recognise my small triggers and negative habits. I feel the sessions have improved my quality of and outlook on life. 

Update 7 weeks later:
Hi Anna,
I hope you’re well 🙂
I just wanted to touch base following my last session to say thank you for all of your wonderful help! I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my anxiety and moods and while I still have the occasional anxious or flat moments my overall well-being has benefited tremendously.
I have been able to use the insight and skills I gained through your sessions to help me meditate on a regular basis, something I wasn’t able to achieve previously. While I love the concept of the self-hypnosis I have found a guided meditation app more enjoyable and instead use my memory of being in hypnosis as an anchor to return myself to a similar level. I have found this technique to be really helpful as a management strategy and most certainly have you to thank for it.

Deb Stress Relief Program February 10, 2018

Emotionally healing

Before I saw Anna, I was suffering from a lot of workplace stress and anger issues. I found each session surprising. I learned a lot about the cause of my issues that I did not expect to learn through hypnotherapy. Anna’s guidance has been invaluable in my treatment. I now no longer have that feeling of dread come over me Sunday afternoons and feel a lot calmer at work, even during challenging situations and just generally feel a lot better with myself. I even find myself accepting compliments (which I never could before). This experience has been emotionally healing for me.


Update 1 year later:
Hi Anna,
Thanks for getting in touch.
I've been doing really well thanks and still noticing the benefits of your therapy.
Thank you

* name withheld Stress Relief Program December 23, 2017

A weight lifted

My first session felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders, just getting everything out. I will continue to see how I grow from this experience.

Sherryn Singh Stress Relief Program December 13, 2017

I was very surprised

I found Anna very easy to speak with. I was very surprised that I was still aware of everything around me and what she was saying and that I remembered everything that happened after.

Jacqui Shean Stress Relief Program October 19, 2017

It opened my mind

My experience was very informative, it opened my mind to things that now make much more sense to me. I feel I’m getting to know who I really am as my own person.


Update 1 month later:

I’m doing well and I’m making a lot of progress thanks to you and starting to feel much more positive. Thank you for everything you have done for me and I appreciate all that you have helped me with.

Michelle Miller Stress Relief Program October 12, 2017

Problem with public speaking

Anna, was fantastic!

Before I went to see Anna I had a problem with public speaking; I was a confident person naturally but did fake confidence in front of crowd and starting to become increasingly anxious about presenting, to the point where I could almost pass out. During hypnotherapy we uncovered significant stress and anxiety issues caused by my job and earlier events in my life, that although managing well, were part of my problem(s). I had been bottling this all up and although uncomfortable bringing these issues to the surface, was actually able to deal with them and further analyse and overcome root cause systemic problems.

Since completing my course with Anna I feel very happy within myself and a lot more confident. There has been some interesting personal and professional opportunities come my way and I have been successful in MC'ing a Wedding and conducting a presentation in front of 100 staff at work with only minor nerves. This is empowering and I am putting myself out there now for further opportunities to present. 

Anna is a special person and honestly believe she can help you too.

* name withheld Stress Relief Program September 26, 2017

Addressing underlying issues

I really liked the approach in addressing underlying issues which were affecting me and inhibiting me from reaching my goals. Great overall experience, caring and effective.


Update 1 month later:

Hi Anna

It's great to hear from you, I've been going well,  I've noticed some real changes. I've got a different attitude of confidence and determination and I think self-belief.

I'm also doing a bit more exercise which I think comes from more self-commitment. With the eating I fluctuate a bit but the thing I have noticed is that I know I'm choosing to eat, so it's more of a decision, which I think is good, it's not so mindless as before so I know I have more control over it. I have lost a few kilos though.

I think I'm happier than before I came to see you.

I hope all is well with you, thank you again for your help and fabulous work - it's very inspiring.

Maxine Jones Stress Relief Program September 22, 2017

It exceeded my expectations

It exceeded my expectations, I was nervous and slightly unsure, however, Anna has been able to guide me with her warmth and understanding and profound skill/technique to help me through. Overall it’s become an enjoyable experience and one I’m grateful to have had.


Update 1 month later:

Hi Anna,

That time has flown by since our last session. At this current time what has changed the most is my ability to communicate and express myself, so it's been a subtle change that can't been seen so much but felt. 

The way I would describe it is I no longer go out of my way to people please ALL of the time. I have created personal boundaries and trust myself in knowing when these boundaries are being compromised and able to express it to another.

To sum it up though I'm feeling in flow and content with life.

I'm so thankful that we crossed paths and for your service.

With grace and gratitude,

Meagan x


Meagan Hazel Stress Relief Program September 22, 2017

Fear of needles

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed each session I had. I felt I developed as a person and viewed my lifelong issue with needles in a more positive way. Now that I am studying to become a nurse, it is about time I overcome this phobia once and for all. I feel that I have been able to do that. This was also my first time having hypnotherapy done and was very enjoyable.


Update 1 week later:

Hi Anna,

Just letting you know I gave 3 injections last night on my shift at the hospital!

I'm so happy and proud! Thank you for all your help.


Update 1 month later:

Hi Anna,

I’m going great, been giving heaps of needles which is great and I don’t really get nervous anymore!


Update 1 year later:

Hi Anna,

Wow, time flies! I’m doing great, haven’t had any issues and giving needles is a great feeling for me now.


Cassandra Careri Stress Relief Program September 6, 2017

Very understanding, intelligent and thoughtful

Anna was very understanding, she really took the time to listen to me. I have been to Doctors, Counsellors and Psychologists and have never felt heard or understood. They all assumed to know what was wrong with me. Anna was different. She is intelligent and thoughtful and listened to understand. And she has helped me to understand myself a lot better as well.

Dominick Spencer Stress Relief Program August 28, 2017

Fear of public speaking

I came to work on my fear of public speaking because I want to progress in my career. I appreciated the psychology behind the hypnosis, i.e., the discussions prior to going under, to gather information but also to have realisations about topics pre and post hypnosis. The end of the session “cues” were great for helping to be mindful of staying on track. It was more than hypnotherapy and it uncovered other areas for me to work on. I am already handling stuff better, and have noticed an improvement on how I feel about being called up to talk in front of a crowd at work.


Update one month later:

Hello Anna,

I am fantastic and thank you for asking.

In the first week back from leave I had to do a presentation in front of 100 staff and that also went well.

Whilst I still get some nerves I can manage them and I owe it all to you.

I feel better within myself day to day as well and 'genuinely' much happier.


Update one year later:

Hello Anna,

I'm well thank you, and yourself?

Work has been very busy but I was fortunate to have achieved the promotion I was chasing and I am now the GM.

Had a lot more opportunities to public speak and I’m getting better and it’s getting easier. I have even hosted a few evenings and done quite well with a few beers under the belt, ha ha!

Appreciate you following up and checking in and I do make reference to our time together to various people who are struggling with similar challenges.

Robert MacKenzie Stress Relief Program August 16, 2017

Freed me from strong fear and anxiety

There is nothing I didn’t like about the whole experience. I found it to be one of the best decisions I ever made. It has changed my life immensely. It has freed me from strong fear and anxiety and I learnt an enormous amount about myself. I would highly recommend it to anyone. Could not be happier. Thank you so much Anna. I have now found confidence I never knew I had.

Joy Woodward Stress Relief Program July 27, 2017

Shy Bladder

I have suffered from Shy Bladder since childhood. I have enjoyed my experience. Anna has taught me not to worry about what could happen (and probably doesn’t) and what other people think. I wanted to feel more relaxed about going to the toilet in public because I am about to go on a trip of a lifetime to England. I feel more relaxed about my trip now because I have been able to go in public with no problem.


Update 2 months later:

Hello Anna,

Well I am just back from my trip and I had a lovely time. I also went to the toilet on the plane. Had no trouble at the theatre or lining up at cafe's etc. Thank you very much for helping me during my sessions with you.


Update 1 year later:

Hi Anna,

Thank you for your email. I have been doing really well. I have just come back from another trip overseas and things went well. Thanks again for getting in touch with me.

Carolyn Nelson Stress Relief Program July 19, 2017

Helped me with issues from my past

The experience was very good. I felt I was in a safe and secure environment and it was also very relaxing. Anna is fantastic and she really helped me with issues from my past. I had been having nightmares regarding someone in my past and after one visit these nightmares stopped. Anna has also helped me with clamping my jaw through stress. This has been greatly relieved.


Update 2 ½ months later:

Dear Anna,

I am going very well.  No more nightmares.

Kind regards,


Valerie Stress Relief Program June 30, 2017

Emotional trauma put to bed

Thanks to my sessions, I’ve learned a lot about myself and discovered how hypnosis can help you deal with your worries, fears, and self-doubt. I feel great and so much more positive. My emotional trauma I suffered with for so many years has been put to bed. I’ve learned to love myself more. I would highly recommend Anna to anyone having doubts with themselves.

Helen Stress Relief Program June 15, 2017

Confidence to leap forward

The sessions have given me the space to be open and self-reflect, to listen to my subconscious mind, and not ignore it and do something about it.

I now have the confidence to leap forward and present in front of an audience.

It was a different experience for me, as I am already very self-aware of myself and others, yet I was able to connect to a much deeper part of myself to reveal what I needed to take my career to the next level.

* name withheld Stress Relief Program June 1, 2017

Helped me see things clearer

A great experience as it has helped me see things clearer and prioritise my many issues I currently have. I experienced a sense of calmness with the brain starting to slow down after week 2 which makes everything easier to access.


Update one year later:

Hi Anna 

Thanks for the great chat

As I mentioned I find myself still using some of the positive thinking processes you taught me during our sessions early last year. 

Our sessions became a game changer as you brought me out of a very dull negative mind set. 

I had a huge amount of current issues and lingering baggage at the time and it all just seemed too much. 

However half way through your sessions I started to feel like things were starting to fall into categories of priority. This helped me break the massive issues into bite size chunks and it gave me a more confident and positive approach to address the issues. 

I now find that finally things have worked out and 2017 is certainly looking much better than a horror 2016. 

A more steady job and by chance ran into a person that is fantastic. 

We are now building a great relationship and I have a more positive outlook on life. 

Your sessions will certainly never be forgotten. Thank you very much


Morten Saltum Stress Relief Program May 16, 2017

Relaxed and calm

I have experienced relaxed and calm, having done this with you.

John Bornyan Stress Relief Program May 5, 2017

Feeling normal again

Prior to seeking help with hypnotherapy, I was a self-confessed hypochondriac. I was a little sceptical about how hypnosis could help with my constant worries about my health and what the future could hold. I was extremely surprised at how well I was coping after only one session. I also noticed that my health anxiety wasn’t affecting me as it had prior to hypnosis. The more sessions I did the better I felt and was gradually getting back to feeling normal again, and no longer obsessing about my health. It is such a relief to feel at free from the tightness and tension which I felt in my upper back. All those symptoms which I was worrying about have disappeared. I now realise that I was creating those symptoms, it was all in my head. My family also noticed changes, I don't have the mood swings that I previously had.


Update 1 month later:

Things have been going really well. The issue with my obsessive thoughts about my health has been resolved.

Thank you


* name withheld Stress Relief Program April 19, 2017

Self-development and personal growth

Anna offered me a very comforting experience in my self-development. Her caring nature, her empathy, her guiding approach, plus her skills and knowledge has supported my personal growth; for which I am very grateful. She was exactly what I needed.

* name withheld Stress Relief Program April 1, 2017

Help for my sugar addiction

Overall it was very enjoyable. I came with an open mind, hoping to get help for my sugar addiction. I experienced personal growth through a very painful process but it was cleansing. It stripped away the pain I was carrying and allowed me to move on with my life without scars. Anna was the most caring, professional, giving everything possible to help me. She’s lovely and special. I highly recommend her.

Kasia Darby Stress Relief Program January 11, 2017

My experience was excellent

Overall, my experience was excellent. I learned new methods to help me cope with my anxiety and exercises to help me relax and adopt a positive mindset.

Olivia Butler Stress Relief Program January 9, 2017

A wonderful support

Anna is a warm and caring person who has listened to all that I have shared and has been a wonderful support through a very difficult time. Her guidance and genuine concern has been very much appreciated.

Karen Robinson Stress Relief Program January 4, 2017

My fear of heights

It was a fantastic experience. Initially, Anna worked on my fear of heights, an amazing experience. Then she uncovered some other aspects that gave me great benefit. She’s amazing the way she gets me to explore events and connections and now I have great visual images to work with on my issues. It’s an important process to heal my inner self. I highly recommend Anna for her professionalism and kind manner.


Update 5 months later:

Anna guided me through my issue with heights, providing me with tools to control my negative reactions, and allowing me to enjoy the views from up high, as my wife and others are doing. Now I've gone up Tokyo tower in Japan, enjoying the panoramas, happy and smiling. I'm looking forward to seeing more views in our travels. Anna changes lives forever, try her approach and you will be a new person.

Kim Darby Stress Relief Program January 3, 2017

Helped me to put me first

It has helped enormously with my anxiety and stress. I now have better coping strategies and can deal better with everyday stresses. Most of all, it has helped me to “put me first”

Deb Kinder Stress Relief Program October 24, 2016

I can now sleep better

It is the most awesome feeling being hypnotised. Anna is the best. I can now sleep better and I have more motivation. I would highly recommend her.

John Schofield Stress Relief Program October 14, 2016

Brought to light what I NEEDED to address

It’s definitely helped my life. Not only have the sessions assisted with what I wanted to address, but brought to light what I NEEDED to address. The self-hypnosis techniques I have been taught will be the most valuable thing I take away.

Tayla Bryant Stress Relief Program September 20, 2016

Time well spent

Life is so hectic, taking time to look after your own concerns and troubles is time well spent!

Kelly Bryant Stress Relief Program September 7, 2016

Self-discovery and healing

An amazing way of self-discovery and healing. These sessions have given me so much strength and willpower that I am able to push all these negative thoughts out of my head, I have hope and determination to never give up no matter how hard it gets. These sessions always make me feel so empowered and positive about life, that I believe I can do anything I put my mind to.

Maddison Bryant Stress Relief Program August 30, 2016

Outlook on work and life more positive

I got faster results out of Anna’s program than I had expected. I noticed improvement in myself the following day, my stress’s reduced, my outlook on work and life became more positive and continued to improve throughout the program. Anna is very easy to talk too and very approachable and I got the results I was looking for. I feel 10 times better than the day I first walked in.

Tim Bennie Stress Relief Program August 11, 2016

I now feel in less pain and less stress

I was a bit sceptical of hypnotherapy to begin with but thought I’d give it a go and now I’m so glad I did! Thanks to Anna’s great work I now feel in less pain, less stress, more organised and motivated and feel more confident in myself and my ability to deal with uncomfortable situations and hurt from the past! Highly recommend Anna to anyone who feels like they are stuck in a rut.

Sarah Halnon Stress Relief Program July 18, 2016

Thought provoking clarity

Thought provoking clarity into a wide range of personal issues, Anna is a true professional in helping you explore the inner you.


Update one year later:

My sessions with Anna were life altering. I saw her for one issue and then worked through a series of past and present experiences over the course of my time with her. Afterwards I felt greater clarity in knowing how I feel, what I want, and importantly I was able to dismiss feelings from the past which no longer served me in a positive way. I can't recommend Anna highly enough. If you allow, she will change your life!

Monica Balon Stress Relief Program June 16, 2016

Uncover a lot of deep issues

I was able to uncover a lot of deep issues. Anna helped me make sense of why I was feeling the way I was. She is very caring and encouraging.

Karen Randall Stress Relief Program June 3, 2016

Life changing

Life changing!

Kerem Baskaya Stress Relief Program May 18, 2016

Helped me with my problem gambling

My experience was great! Across the six sessions I had, Anna certainly helped me with my problem gambling and I found that I was making progress each session. Anna really does care about her patients. I haven’t even thought about going back to the TAB! Hypnotherapy really works!

Josh Gregory Stress Relief Program April 27, 2016

Feel empowered

Anna, what I like about our sessions together is you create an avenue for me to relax, think clearly, discuss freely and work towards calming the craziness of my thoughts into that of order logic and reason. It’s nice to feel empowered to gain my lost thoughts or muddled behaviour and to work towards a space of clarity.

You have a natural way to engage and I appreciate your systematic way of working through life matters that require some order and understanding.

We all need to know someone we can turn to in times of need; I am pleased to have been introduced to you.

* name withheld Stress Relief Program March 31, 2016

Getting to the core of issues

Understanding and getting to the core of issues is made easy the way Anna breaks everything down. The time spent in the sessions is always relaxed and comforting.

Kain Baskaya Stress Relief Program March 9, 2016

I feel more relaxed

Since I did the hypnosis Stress Relief program with Anna, I have felt calmer and able to deal with stressful situations at times better. I feel more relaxed in stressful situations.

Bethany Baker Stress Relief Program January 18, 2016

I feel less anxious and worried

Dear Anna, thank you for working through my problems, and helping me with a lifelong addiction. You helped me with my confidence going to a new school and feeling more secure. It helped me deal with my brother better. I feel less anxious and worried.

Kyren Barnes Stress Relief Program December 17, 2015

Happier and more confident

Since starting hypnotherapy, I have been feeling a lot more relaxed about everything. Most everyday stresses now feel easy to deal with. I feel happier and more confident than I have in a long time and I am very thankful for that. I would recommend this Stress Relief program to anyone!

Caitlin Meharry Stress Relief Program December 11, 2015

More confidence and self-worth

Dear Anna, what I really liked about the hypnosis stress relief program was how I was able to express my thoughts and feelings in a safe environment. I found your responses helpful and understanding. Also, I found through the hypnosis I was able to discover past experiences and feelings that I had bottled up and formed negative thoughts about myself as a result. I feel so much more confident and self-worth from my sessions and know if I feel down or negative in the future, I can always come and see you.

* name withheld Stress Relief Program September 2, 2015

Given me more confidence

Since I did hypnosis with Anna Siljama, it has worked really well and given me more confidence, less stress and generally made me feel more relaxed.

* name withheld Stress Relief Program August 18, 2015

Positive attitude

Dear Anna, I want to tell you how much I appreciate your help! Things have changed mentally and my attitude towards the day ahead is more positive. I want life to be fantastic and for me to enjoy every day and events to the fullest and I’m going to do it! Life is short and precious and I’m going to do as much as I can and be the happiest I can be!

* name withheld Stress Relief Program August 14, 2015

I feel normal again

Dear Anna, there were many things I liked about the hypnosis stress relief program but the main thing is the fact that it helped me feel ‘normal’ again and showed me that on a day to day basis, feeling anxious and stressed is not okay. I have enjoyed feeling in better control of my feelings instead of them being in control of me. I have learned invaluable techniques which will help me face challenges ahead. I can’t thank you enough. Anna, you are amazing!!

Marie Parker Stress Relief Program August 12, 2015

Work through emotional issues

Dear Anna, the hypnosis stress relief program helped me work through some emotional issues and helped to calm me down by making me realise what is important in life and what’s not. You are a great listener and that helped a lot too.

Tina Collette Stress Relief Program July 16, 2015



* Disclaimer – some names have been withheld upon request for confidentiality.