Hypnosis for Quit Smoking Testimonials

Hypnosis works

I started off a bit sceptical to how hypnosis would work but after the feeling you get from the first session, you really see that it works.

Jake Toman Quit Smoking December 18, 2019

Beat the smoking habit

Thanks for your help to help me give up smoking. I have thoroughly enjoyed every session and has really helped me in thinking of my choices, and what I have to do to beat this habit.

Thank you Anna, I have really loved coming to you to help me.

Suzanne Cole Quit Smoking October 24, 2019

I have now quit smoking

I needed help to Quit Smoking. I found Anna on the internet. I had one session with her and after 43 years of smoking, I now have quit smoking. Fantastic! That’s how I feel.

Wayne Packer Quit Smoking October 10, 2019

Anna helped me quit smoking

Anna has helped me not only with smoking but with all other areas of my life that I was not expecting. I couldn’t imagine resolving my smoking in any other way than how Anna helped. I am so happy that I made the decision to see Anna. And know I will look back at it as a significant milestone in my life in making me become the person I want to be!

Thankyou Anna

Geoffrey Coburn Quit Smoking September 13, 2019

Hypnotherapy to help me stop smoking

I come for hypnotherapy to help me stop smoking. Anna has helped me to see that I am in control of my actions and the reasons I smoke are not real and it’s my mind trying to justify why I have this terrible habit. I am not a fan of spiritual ideas but hypnosis is more the thinking that goes on in your head and working to change that. Anna has been great at not judging my ridiculous answers and helping me to come to my real reason of why I smoke.

Rachel Pejkovic Quit Smoking July 24, 2019

Smoking stress and anxiety

So I came here to get help with quitting smoking as well as help dealing with stress and anxiety.

WOW! After the first session, I’d quit smoking! After about the 4th session I started to see the world in a different light. There was no worried feeling anymore! I feel like I am experiencing a whole new world at the moment, through food tasting different, I smell different. Thank you Anna.

Stefan Jayawardana Quit Smoking June 13, 2019

My smoking days are behind me

Anna has helped me to quit smoking. I am one week in an feeling very confident that my smoking days are behind me.

Anna gave me the confidence and belief in myself that I could do it and I did.

I would highly recommend Anna.

Nikki Ferrett Quit Smoking June 7, 2019

She will make you a non-smoker for life

The most amazing experience. Anna has been working with me to become a non-smoker and it has really worked. She is very easy to talk to and so understanding. I could not recommend her more highly. She will make you a non-smoker for life. Thanks so much Anna for all your time and help. I couldn’t have done it without her 🙂

Sarah Wilson Quit Smoking February 19, 2019

A non-smoker

Anna is very professional but very welcoming and friendly at the same time.

I came to Anna for assistance in giving up smoking. After the 1st session I am feeling very positive and feel I am on the road to becoming a non-smoker.

Carla Jones Quit Smoking February 15, 2019

Give up smoking

Anna gave me the additional tools I needed to give up smoking without negative feelings surrounding giving up. She has a very understanding and caring approach that she was able to tailor to my needs. Thank-you Anna

Chantal Olsen Quit Smoking February 7, 2019

I started smoking at such a young age

I started smoking at such a young age. Thinking I was one of the cool kids. Only to come to the age of 47 with a family of my own (with 2 boys 16 and 19). Not wanting them to follow in my footsteps, with the help of Anna, I quit smoking. I want my boys to grow up being healthy and fulfill their extreme goals and ambitions. And not to let bad habits or peer pressure, take over their desires and possibilities of doing what they’re capable of. Follow your own dreams and not somebody else’s.

Debra Phillips Quit Smoking December 19, 2018

Enjoy life as a non-smoker

Anna has given me the tools and strength to become a non-smoker, which previously I didn’t have. I feel extremely confident that now I can enjoy life as a non-smoker.
This experience really was invaluable.
Thank you Anna, I would recommend to anyone who is trying to quit smoking.


Update 1 month later:

I am doing and feeling great!! I honestly don’t even think about smoking anymore. And if I walk past someone who is, all I can think of is how gross it is!! So so happy and feel so much better thanks to you. Only wish I saw you sooner but better late than never.

Kim McMullen Quit Smoking November 7, 2018

Gained control of my smoking habit

What I really like about the hypnosis program was the ability to gain control of my bad habit and understand it is all in my head not so much the physical habit of smoking.
The messages have set in my brain.
Anna is a wonderful person and I am glad she has guided me through this process.
Thanks Anna

Pauline Mason Quit Smoking August 29, 2018

Focus more on myself

Dear Anna,

As a result of the hypnotherapy with you, after 6 sessions, you have helped me to focus more of my attention on myself and understand more about how my thoughts are affecting my behaviours. My goal for attending hypnotherapy was to give up smoking, and I’ve eliminated some of the excuses/reasons I had for smoking. I realise now that the problem is much deeper than just a bad habit and maybe need more time to process and implement the things we’ve discussed and worked with. I feel that there is still more that I need help with and I haven’t experienced everything I could with hypnosis so far. I’m still on the journey.  I do very much appreciate the changes that have occurred and the ones that are in the process of happening. Thank you!

Sarah Cole Stress Relief Program August 29, 2018

I haven’t had the urge to smoke

Before seeing Anna, I felt trapped and that I could not quit smoking. Since then I haven’t really had the urge to smoke. I found her sessions empowering and educational and helped to put smoking as a habit into a very black and white way, realising how stupid it really is.

Sarah Tappy Quit Smoking July 13, 2018

Smoking was affecting my health

Before I went to Anna, I was a light smoker, only a few at night to relax or socially. It was affecting my health as it was difficult to breathe whilst exercising.

It’s been a week and I am breathing better. It is not so hard to breathe now. Excited that as each day passes I will feel even better.


2-week update:
Hi Anna, just letting you know I am now at my two week anniversary of not smoking. I am feeling better and better each day. Two weeks. So pleased, thanks Anna.


6-week update:

Hi Anna. Still going strong. Its six weeks now. Wow.


6-month update:

I came and saw you nearly six months ago about smoking, I haven’t had one since.  Amazing, so pleased.

Barb Beames Quit Smoking July 10, 2018

Quitting smoking has been very easy

Thanks Anna, I have now quit smoking. I feel you targeted an interesting part of why I was smoking.

It’s been very easy.


1 month update:

Hi Anna, I have not had one since the first time I saw you. I have been to Thailand and to the Gold Coast with friends and have not been tempted.

Thanks Again


1 year update:

Hi Anna, everything has been going really well both Jen and I haven't had a cigarette since that day. Not once have I been tempted, so thanks again 👍

Rich Castle Quit Smoking July 9, 2018

Smoke free for over 1 year

I’m still going well thanks. I haven’t had a smoke since seeing you over 13 months ago, so thank you. I get the urge every now again but tell myself I don’t need it that seems to help 

2-year update:

I haven't had a smoke in over 2 years, thanks, Anna.

Brett Lewis Quit Smoking June 19, 2018

My cravings for cigarettes reduced by 95%

My experience to date with Anna after one session has been beyond my expectations. My cravings for cigarettes reduced by 95% and the 5% I did have were very controllable lasting only a few minutes at a time. I can honestly say I have felt great and not experienced the side effects of the nicotine withdrawal (such a bonus). I feel I have a more positive mindset by doing these sessions and a real sense of achievement. I have gotten on top of my monster who use to control my life. I am free…..!

Genevieve Tate Quit Smoking June 15, 2018

Enjoying a smoke-free life

Since I did hypnosis with Anna I have gained control of my smoking habits and know I am now a non-smoker. Before seeing Anna I couldn’t give up the social cigarette. What I liked about the program was how Anna tailored it very specifically to my needs. I’m now enjoying a smoke-free life.


1 month update:
Hi Anna,
I am going strong, and I am so glad I came to see you. Thanks again....., I feel great 😊😊

Jennifer Castle Quit Smoking June 7, 2018

Life as a non-smoker

Fantastic. Better than I expected. I have quit using this method before, however, I found this experience was a greater success. No smoking since finishing my first appointment.

Looking forward to completing treatments and life as a non-smoker.

Amanda Dean Quit Smoking May 24, 2018

Smoking is no longer on my radar

I had been a smoker for 15 years and had tried multiple times to quit with little and no success in the long term. Whenever quitting, I would feel anxious, panicked and overwhelmed.

After one session with Anna, I haven’t looked back. When thoughts of smoking cross my mind I acknowledge them and then push them away and move on. Smoking is just simply something I no longer do. It is not even on my radar.

No stress, no anxiety, just a happy and healthy future to enjoy.

Jenna Dowsett Quit Smoking May 5, 2018

Haven’t touched a cigarette since

I was a smoker of 10-12 years, I haven’t touched or thought of a cigarette since I left her office after my first appointment.

Update 1 month later:
Hey Anna how are things? Still going super strong and still haven’t had any form of craving or moments when I have thought about having a smoke. Joined a gym which keeps me really busy so I don’t have time to really think about it either haha. Thanks.

Update 1 year later:

Still going strong and off the smokes which is great. I have recommended you to a few people as well.

Luke Coram Quit Smoking March 10, 2018

Quitting smoking has been so easy

I had made up my mind to quit smoking for good and began looking at reviews for hypnotherapy. Anna had great results and reviews which made my decision very easy.

I was a little worried it may not work and had doubts as to how I would feel. But it is now after 4 days later and I still haven’t touched a cigarette.

She is very easy  to talk to and explains the entire process. Makes you feel very comfortable and actually wants to help!

I feel positive now about quitting smoking and it’s been so easy! Glad it has been a painless process so far.

Leah Dalton Quit Smoking February 17, 2018

Highly recommended for quit smoking

Before coming to see Anna, I couldn’t quit smoking. When I left after my first session, I was amazed at how well it has worked for me. I would highly recommend this to anyone trying to quit smoking. It is 100% worth it.

Sarah Welsh Quit Smoking February 13, 2018

Have not had a smoke

It has been fantastic. I was very skeptical about what would happen, but so far the results have been great. Have not had a smoke but even stranger is that I don’t feel like one.

Dylan Hyndman Quit Smoking October 18, 2017

A smoker for over 40 years

The experience was better than expected. Very relaxed session. Having been a smoker for over 40 years, I knew it was going to be a tough road.

Eric Reading Quit Smoking October 11, 2017

My triggers of smoking 

I got so much more out of the sessions than I thought I would. Having done hypnotherapy in the past and had little success, I am so relieved and happy that I gave it another go. It really got down to my triggers of smoking and the crux of what was going on in my head.


Update 1 month later:

The non-smoking thing is going great which is a huge bonus

Alysha Crundwell Quit Smoking October 4, 2017

Puts everything in perspective

The chatting beforehand puts everything in perspective. Not knowing what to expect from hypnotherapy it was a very positive experience.

Vicki Duncan Quit Smoking September 28, 2017

Very professional

Very professional

David Bennett Quit Smoking August 31, 2017

Hypnotherapy is effective to stop smoking

Being sceptical of alternative medicine, I was pleasantly surprised at the effectiveness of hypnotherapy to help me stop smoking. THANK YOU

Scott Goodman Quit Smoking August 16, 2017

I stopped smoking

I stopped smoking. It helped in most aspects of quitting

Luke Bennett Quit Smoking August 9, 2017

Stop cravings for smoking

Very helpful to stop cravings for smoking.

Mitchell Forbes Quit Smoking August 2, 2017

Future without smoking appeared so logical

Simple process in a relaxed atmosphere. I felt like I was “being sucked into the armchair”, as I drifted into a peaceful place of happiness where everything/the future without smoking appeared so logical.


Update 7 weeks later:

Hi Anna,

I am doing great. Still off the cigarettes and have lost 10kg. Maintaining the weight loss well considering most people increase weight when they give up smoking.


Update 1 year later:

Hi Anna,

I have been going great still not smoking.



Nick Whitehead Quit Smoking July 28, 2017

Feeling very confident

Anna was very welcoming and made me feel very comfortable. I was nervous and unsure about being hypnotised but Anna made the experience a good one. I walked out feeling very confident and ready to take on anything. I felt extremely positive.

Megan Ferguson Quit Smoking June 6, 2017

Very professional

Very professional and thorough

Nathan Lee Quit Smoking May 12, 2017

I am over a year off the cigarettes

I was a long time smoker, somewhat doubtful, but desperate to give up. I just couldn’t do it on my own after many attempts. I am now 30 days clear, and haven’t wanted one. An ex-smoker always wants a smoke. A non-smoker asks why would anyone want to?

Anna turned me back into a non-smoker rather than making me an ex-smoker. I honestly haven’t considered having one in 30 days, and would have considered that impossible. I’m somewhat surprised at how effective it has been, but am also very grateful.



Update one year later:

Hey Anna,

Thanks for the email. I am over a year off the cigarettes. Done it easy and happy as can be.

Thanks for the follow-up and support, I appreciate it.

Luke Oliver Quit Smoking April 20, 2017

Worked much better than imagined

Anna was very understanding, eg, explaining the 6 triggers of smoking. Prompt response when I was having questions. Hypnotherapy for quit smoking worked much better than imagined, so quickly, addressing metal thoughts, pains, sleep, cravings.

Greg O'Shannessy Quit Smoking January 26, 2017

Very professional

Very pleasant experience and very professional

Kyla Hewlett Quit Smoking January 24, 2017

Now a non-smoker

My experience was very positive. I had never been hypnotised before and was nervous, however Anna was patient and very reassuring. I am now a non-smoker. I would recommend this to everyone.

Sharon Auhl Quit Smoking January 16, 2017

I am now a non-smoker

The environment was safe and private. Anna is very easy to get along with. I didn’t know what to expect but am now smoke free. Have not had a cigarette since my first session.


Update one month later:

I had a very positive experience with Anna. Was not sure I could successfully be hypnotised but it worked.  After one session with Anna (and a follow up reinforcement session) I am now a non-smoker and haven't been tempted since the first session. Being a pack a day smoker I am thrilled with how easy this has been. I would recommend Anna to anyone struggling to give up.


Update 1 year later:

Hi Anna,

Still a non-smoker. It's been 13 months now and I have no cough at all and a much healthier bank balance.

Thanks for everything you did!

Lynn Blyth Quit Smoking January 13, 2017

Session was amazing

Session was amazing. I left feeling on top of the world.

Naomi Katta Quit Smoking December 19, 2016

12 months without smoking

Hi Anna, thank you for taking me on my hypnotherapy journey. It is proving to be extremely helpful. I have stopped smoking and feel stronger that I won’t go back to it this time. I definitely have recommended you to other people, as it’s a unique experience and a very personable one as well.


Update one year later:

Hi Anna, I just wanted to let you know, I have just gone 12 months without smoking and I want to say thank you so much. It is so good to be free of them. I’m still really excited that I have done 12 months of not smoking, and continue to feel like I don’t want to have a smoke ever again.

Thanks again

Trina Lucas Quit Smoking November 29, 2016

I am now smoke free

Professional, friendly. After smoking for over 14 years I now don’t smoke. I still get small cravings as it’s only been 3 days not smoking but I can now over power the cravings within the mind.


Update 5 weeks later:

5 weeks since hypnosis and I am now smoke free without the overpowering cravings. I was a pack a day smoker and had tried to quit in the past, lasting only 3-4 days before giving in to the overpowering cravings, fighting all the way but with hypnotherapy the cravings are minimal and last about 2 seconds before your subconscious mind reminds you that you don’t smoke anymore and you move on quickly from any cravings. Anna was professional, friendly and down to earth and I would recommend her highly if you want to succeed in becoming a non-smoker. 10/10

Update 2 years later:

Hi Anna, going good thanks, still not smoking.

Matt Bode Quit Smoking November 6, 2016

Quitting Smoking was very easy

Quitting Smoking was very easy. Anna made it quite easy to understand how hypnosis works and spent 20-25 minutes going over my full history as a smoker to better understand my triggers. 3 days now and haven’t wanted a smoke.

Chris George Quit Smoking October 24, 2016

Ready to stop smoking

Not knowing what to expect, I came for hypnotherapy with a very open mind, ready to stop smoking once and for all. I found Anna and the session very relaxing.

Jo Verschaeren Quit Smoking September 1, 2016

In just one session a non-smoker

So happy I made the decision to see Anna. In just one session I would already classify myself as a non-smoker. She gives you the tools to succeed, in a nice friendly relaxed setting.

Trent Gribbin Quit Smoking July 4, 2016

It just blows me away

I’m not sure, it just blows me away how the mind works and how I can go from 25-30 smokes a day to nothing and not really feel like one, awesome.

Ian Chrystal Quit Smoking June 22, 2016

Well executed treatment

I found it easy to relax and fall straight into hypnosis. It was a very pleasant experience. Well thought out and well executed treatment. The take home booklet and CD is excellent.

Cameron MacDonald Quit Smoking May 23, 2016

Very calming

Very calming

John Sharpe Quit Smoking May 3, 2016

Great results

Relaxing – lots of information. Great results.

Sherree Rogers Quit Smoking March 21, 2016

Still going strong as a non-smoker

Professional, I felt at ease and comfortable. Anna created such an environment that I felt completely safe to do what I was there to do.


Update one year later:

Still going strong as a non-smoker

Shari Andrews Quit Smoking March 15, 2016

Increase my willpower to quit smoking

It really helped me to increase my willpower to quit smoking. I would definitely recommend it.

Gagan Sandhu Quit Smoking March 1, 2016

I’m smoke free

Since I’ve done my Quit Smoking hypnosis with Anna Siljama, I’ve been smoke free. I’ve been doing a lot more exercise to keep me occupied, I am very happy with the service.

Alan Towey Quit Smoking January 9, 2016

Still smoke free

Dear Anna, since I did hypnosis with you to quit smoking, I have not had the urge to smoke. I have found that when I did feel like a smoke, I would take 3 deep breaths and move onto doing something else. Having explained to my family what you were able to do has also been of great help and support. After 3 days, exercise seems to be easier in regards to breathing and if I feel uptight, I speak to my wife who tells me you don’t need it. I thank you dearly for helping me and look forward to a smoke free life.


Update one year later:

Still smoke free and enjoying the benefits! I can’t thank you enough.

Grant Sloan Quit Smoking January 4, 2016