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Wayne is now a happy NON-SMOKER with hypnosis

Quit smoking, the easy way, with hypnosis

Every smoker that I treat has either tried to quit in the past with patches, or pills, sometimes with willpower, or they have stopped smoking for a while only to find themselves back on cigarettes again. What stopped them from quitting for good wasn’t an addictive personality, or lack of willpower.

The answer is simple, there are 6 reasons why a person smokes and most people when they attempt to quit only look at 1 or 2 of them, at best.

The 6 Triggers of Smoking

Did you know that 5 of the 6 triggers of smoking are psychological? That is why hypnotherapy is so successful in helping people quit once and for all.

Imagine yourself now as a person who doesn’t have to smoke anymore. Non-smokers don’t have to try to be non-smokers, they just are. And it is that easy when we take the holistic approach to be a non-smoker. All smoking comes from those 6 triggers, that’s it, just 6. Eliminate the 6 triggers with my Quit Smoking Program.

The Quit Smoking Program

It is a 2 session program:

Session 1 – we discuss the 6 triggers to smoking, and unpack the reasons why you smoke and why you want to quit. Then we reprogram those 6 triggers under hypnosis, and the smoking disappears.

Session 2 – In this session, we reinforce the motivation to quit, to prevent you from reverting back to the old ways, after successfully becoming a non-smoker.

The program is designed to change how you think, so that you can adopt a new set of healthier habits. It’s about freeing yourself from the hold that smoking has had upon you and about being happy about the decision to never smoke again. The sessions last an hour to an hour and a half. For optimal results, the second session is scheduled 3 days later.

As part of the program, you receive:

  • A support MP3 to listen to every day for 31 days. This download contains a guided hypnosis track to reinforce a new way of thinking.
  • The 6 Triggers of Smoking information handout which contains valuable information regarding the reason why some people gain weight when they quit smoking. When you know that valuable piece of information, then you will be able to quit smoking and maintain your weight.

Most people quit smoking within the time frame of this package. Some will quit in that very first session; while others will cut down considerably, and then quit altogether during the second session. Whichever way you chose to quit is fine — the most important thing is that you quit.

Anna-Siljama-Hypnotherapy-Quit-SmokingSo, why do you want to quit?

Is it because:
•    It is affecting your health
•    It is affecting your appearance
•    The cost of cigarettes is rising
•    The inconvenience of it all
•    You feel ostracised for being a smoker
•    You just don’t enjoy smoking anymore

Attempting to quit because your partner wants you to stop will usually result in failure.  Hypnotherapy cannot make you do something you don’t, in your heart, really want to do. So if you are thinking to yourself, “I really should quit”, there is no point in attempting to quit.

You need to be saying to yourself, ”I really want to quit”.

I want to:
•    Be healthier
•    Live a longer life
•    Look and feel better
•    Save money
•    Be free of the habit and addiction once and for all

Still smoke free

Dear Anna, since I did hypnosis with you to quit smoking, I have not had the urge to smoke. I have found that when I did feel like a smoke, I would take 3 deep breaths and move onto doing something else. Having explained to my family what you were able to do has also been of great help and support. After 3 days, exercise seems to be easier in regards to breathing and if I feel uptight, I speak to my wife who tells me you don’t need it. I thank you dearly for helping me and look forward to a smoke free life.


Update one year later:

Still smoke free and enjoying the benefits! I can’t thank you enough.

Grant Sloan Quit Smoking

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Are you ready to quit smoking for good?

Hypnotherapy is one of the most successful and easiest ways to give up the smoking habit. Why not take advantage of this to give up your smoking habit for good? Call Anna on 0402 828 680 to make an appointment today.