A powerful and life-changing experience

At the completion of the 6-week programme with Anna I can now say it has been a powerful and life-changing experience. When I called Anna to enquire about hypnotherapy I was desperate. I was hoping to find something that could get rid of the anxiety and the physical symptoms that associated with it straightaway. I’m glad I didn’t fall into this pop-in-a-pill-and-all-will-be-fine mentality this time. I now understand why Anna says this insight hypnotherapy is not about putting a bandage on me like some of the other hypnosis methods, and that the transformation is real and permanent. 6 weeks of transformation compares to nearly 20 years of struggle to get well, in my view, is the evidence of the effectiveness of the hypnotherapy method Anna uses. If you suffer from anxiety but have no idea why and what causes it (because it is so deep and so unconscious), I would highly recommend you contact Anna and give insight hypnotherapy a go.

Jenny Carter Stress Relief Program June 18, 2018