Anxious, nail-biting, overeating, stressed hot mess

Dear Anna,
I am so grateful to have seen your listing on Google!! I was an anxious, nail-biting, overeating, stressed hot mess. I knew I needed help. I loved my first session, I loved every session! My nails have grown. More importantly, I feel I have grown. I am seeing things clearer than before and thanks to you, your gentle approach, your realness, and guidance has been a blessing. I have told people about my sessions in great detail, however, the ones closest to me have commented on the shift that’s happened. It’s all positive. My awareness is increasing and I feel empowered, so thank you.


1 month update:

Hi Anna,

I am doing very well thank you!

My nails are stronger than ever and my stress and engagement with dramatic family affairs is minimal so all in all I’m very happy and doing well!

My eating habits are better but not perfect. I do need to listen to your audio on that again!

Thanks for checking in 🙂

Emily Barker Stress Relief Program July 5, 2018