My fear of heights

It was a fantastic experience. Initially, Anna worked on my fear of heights, an amazing experience. Then she uncovered some other aspects that gave me great benefit. She’s amazing the way she gets me to explore events and connections and now I have great visual images to work with on my issues. It’s an important process to heal my inner self. I highly recommend Anna for her professionalism and kind manner.


Update 5 months later:

Anna guided me through my issue with heights, providing me with tools to control my negative reactions, and allowing me to enjoy the views from up high, as my wife and others are doing. Now I’ve gone up Tokyo tower in Japan, enjoying the panoramas, happy and smiling. I’m looking forward to seeing more views in our travels. Anna changes lives forever, try her approach and you will be a new person.

Kim Darby Stress Relief Program January 3, 2017