Shy Bladder

Shy Bladder

I have suffered from Shy Bladder since childhood. I have enjoyed my experience. Anna has taught me not to worry about what could happen (and probably doesn’t) and what other people think. I wanted to feel more relaxed about going to the toilet in public because I am about to go on a trip of a lifetime to England. I feel more relaxed about my trip now because I have been able to go in public with no problem.


Update 2 months later:

Hello Anna,

Well I am just back from my trip and I had a lovely time. I also went to the toilet on the plane. Had no trouble at the theatre or lining up at cafe’s etc. Thank you very much for helping me during my sessions with you.


Update 1 year later:

Hi Anna,

Thank you for your email. I have been doing really well. I have just come back from another trip overseas and things went well. Thanks again for getting in touch with me.

Carolyn Nelson Stress Relief Program July 19, 2017