Travel Anxiety

Dear Anna,

Thank you for helping me with my general anxiety and travel anxiety.

I feel my general anxiety is much improved as I don’t feel sick in the mornings anymore and I feel as if I have good control of it now as I am able to maintain it all day. And the other night while packing for my holiday I realised that I’m not feeling worried. Time will tell while I’m on holidays how I do but I am feeling confident I will have a great time.



Update 1 month later:

Hi Anna,

I am doing great.  Our Hawaii holiday was stress-free, no feeling sick, I felt like a normal person going on holidays. We had a great time, did everything we wanted, it was all over too quickly though.

Back at work now, still busy but all is good.

Thanks for making my life better.

Best Regards

Linda Graham Stress Relief Program September 28, 2018