Fear of public speaking

Fear of public speaking

I came to work on my fear of public speaking because I want to progress in my career. I appreciated the psychology behind the hypnosis, i.e., the discussions prior to going under, to gather information but also to have realisations about topics pre and post hypnosis. The end of the session “cues” were great for helping to be mindful of staying on track. It was more than hypnotherapy and it uncovered other areas for me to work on. I am already handling stuff better, and have noticed an improvement on how I feel about being called up to talk in front of a crowd at work.


Update one month later:

Hello Anna,

I am fantastic and thank you for asking.

In the first week back from leave I had to do a presentation in front of 100 staff and that also went well.

Whilst I still get some nerves I can manage them and I owe it all to you.

I feel better within myself day to day as well and ‘genuinely’ much happier.


Update one year later:

Hello Anna,

I’m well thank you, and yourself?

Work has been very busy but I was fortunate to have achieved the promotion I was chasing and I am now the GM.

Had a lot more opportunities to public speak and I’m getting better and it’s getting easier. I have even hosted a few evenings and done quite well with a few beers under the belt, ha ha!

Appreciate you following up and checking in and I do make reference to our time together to various people who are struggling with similar challenges.

Robert MacKenzie Stress Relief Program August 16, 2017